Patrick Wilson is done being so serious. The actor, who has risen to almost fame with movies like Phantom of the Opera, Little Children and Watchmen, has decided to take on Indiana Jones in a battle of laughs: Morning Glory.

The film stars Wilson and Harrison Ford as competitive morning show hosts; Rachel McAdam will be their producer, who attempts to keep their massive egos in check while also being romantically involved with Wilson.

While this premise sounds like a completely generic romcom set up – and one we’ve seen in movies and TV shows a bunch lately. Why is anybody remotely interested in TV show hosts anyway? – it’s being directed by Roger Michell, who intrigues me. Laugh if you must, but Notting Hill is very good and Changing Lanes is a highly underrated little gem. I must admit that I haven’t seen (or don’t recall seeing) any of his subsequent films, but those two movies – divergent and well made without being works of genius – make me much more interested in Morning Glory.