It’s been kind of a slow week so far, and we’ve been posting a lot of trailers. I don’t like doing that too much, but the upside is that we’ve had footage for some really great and interesting movies. And now there’s Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, which just had that lovely poster debut not too long ago.

I didn’t like this trailer at first. At all. Almost turned me off from the film. I thought it was too bland, too straightforward. But let it run and you’ll quickly see how the focus on status, money and materialism is as alienating to you as it must be to the high-priced escort played by Sasha Grey. Where most trailers give away the movie by throwing out all the signature moments, here I feel like Soderbergh may have encapsulated and miniaturized his film (or had it done, more like) for this trailer. I’m warming to this one, not that I needed to be convinced to see the film.

And that guy at the end, on the drums. It’s not Soderbergh (I don’t think) but for a moment it sure looks like him.