Sometimes we forget that marketing can be… cool. And fun. Case in point: As part of the promotion of his new movie, Land of the Lost, Will Ferrell will be guest starring on the Discovery Channel show Man vs Wild. In an episode that was already filmed, Ferrell spent 48 hours in the frozen north of Sweden with survivalist and heartthrob Bear Grylls. According to Variety, they were ‘performing tasks such as rappelling down hundred-foot frozen
waterfalls, tandem-abseiling off a helicopter and staying warm
over[n]ight in sub-zero temperatures.’
Apparently they also ate reindeer eyeballs.

Ferrell says that being on the show with Grylls was “a thrill of a lifetime, even though I did get urine-drunk, which is sad.”

By the way… Will Ferrell as a pompous survival show host who often fakes scenarios and even spends nights at motels instead of roughing it, but who gets caught in a real survival situation for which he is unprepared? How am I not already getting a greenlight on this idea?

The special episode should air in the first week of June to tie in with Land of the Lost‘s June 5th opening.