So earlier today I went to my first comic/anime/video games convention. I finally hit a milestone in my life. Sadly it was a milestone I had to achieve alone. Most of my friends that I hung around with here have moved away. The only friend I still have that’s here is a dear friend that I’ve known since we were kids. He’s another struggling college graduate like myself trying to be employed by a school district as a teacher. This struggling though means that his funds are not tip top.

The cover charge was $25, and he couldn’t afford it since he’s trying to make his way. It’s understandable I was in the same position last year, and may be again if I don’t find another teaching job before the end of summer.

My girlfriend would have gone with me if she could have, but her mom just had surgery at the hospital on friday, and of course she was with her and will be until later on sunday when she’ll be discharged. She made it through, and I’m glad that she’s going to be ok.

This was surely something that required more than just me going. I noticed small groups of people there, and going to a con is always something better enjoyed by 2 or more.

I generally like to do things whenever I go out with either my girlfriend or my friend. My Mother’s always told me if I’m going to go out, always ask someone if they want to go along. That’s good advice. If I go to see a movie, I’d like to take someone with me so I can talk to them about it after it’s over.

Another reason, is that I have to drive at least 17 miles to get to the nearest mall and movie theater. It’s not a big drive, but it always goes quicker with company. The trip to the con by the way was 30 miles. At least I had my iPod to keep me company while I grooved the the wonderful score to The Omega Man.

I haven’t seen a movie by myself since I saw One Hour Photo back in October of 2002. If I’m going to grab a bite to eat, or hit up some shops to look for dvds/games or just shop, and no one’s able to go and meet me, I’ll still go, but I’ll always ask first if anyone wants to go with me.

Rene’s song of the day: “The Omega Man” by Ron Grainer.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!