David Lynch loves coincidence and things that happen together for no apparent reason. So take this. Last night, while screaming as I dug through a box of old receipts looking for the one damn piece of paper I needed to update an old tax return, I found the two Polaroids taken of me and Lynch several years back. It’s the only time I’ve had a photo taken with a director, and at least it wasn’t at a press event, and I love them.

And then I saw this and, just because it’s Moby, I had to question that love. For a second.

But it turns out that the song, ‘A Shot to the Back of the Head’, is actually pretty good. Lynch’s animation, the same scratchy stuff we saw in Dumbland years ago, reflects the sound and provides an ideal set of images. It’s also cool to see how David Lynch animates as a distinctly different artform from his filmmaking. He’s not replicating his film work; this is a unique thing. It’s fast, it’s cheap, but it doesn’t come off as anything less than appropriate for Moby’s track.