This blog was originally going to be about DC Comic’s FINAL CRISIS, which I just finished reading in it’s shiny new Hardcover format. However after I finished reading it I immediately felt like I had to A) read it again, and B) go online and research a lot of stuff about the DCU before I could even come close to making a coherent critique or review about anything that happens in it’s hulking 352 pages. As usual with Grant Morrison it’s a blast to read, however a whole hell of a lot of the significance of the stuff going on here is missed by one such as myself who has no idea at all about the DCU’s continuity. So…

…So Sam Raimi has gotten me all hot and bothered on horror again and it looks like at least two other filmmakers are set to keep it going. First –

I’ve talked about my almost infantile anticipation for Ti West’s THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL here enough to have folks rolling their eyes by bringing it up again but the trailer is finally up* and it looks FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Go here for the trailer and marvel at the period hair and ¾ sleeve
shirts, the atmosphere and gritty feel of a throw back to when horror
wasn’t a codeword for psychological thillers with teenagers:

As I mentioned in my post about Drag me to Hell, I’ve waited a looooong time for the return of Satan to horror and Mr. West, who previously directed THE ROOST, appears to be helping usher in ol’ Uncle Scratch with this tale of a babysitter (in the 80’s, nice, eh?) who takes a gig in a gnarly old house with some freaky looking people only to discover said people intend to serve her up as a Sacrifice to their unholy lord and master.

How could it be better? Well I don’t know if can be better, but after seeing the trailer for James Felix McKenney’s SATAN HATES YOU I’d say Mr. West’s peer at Glass Eye Pix is out for blood.

Wow, huh? That’s the kind of movie trailer that makes me want to run out and drink a gallon of gasoline before getting into a fight with a couple of those hackey-sack playin’ new age Ministers found in ‘youth congregations’ all over my state (and probably your too, unless you live in certain parts of the South where God is still all about fire and brimstone)

I’m completely unfamiliar with Mr. McKenney’s other work but this just looks too good to be true.

House of the Devil is currently making the rounds in festivals and there is no date yet (or assurance that something this good may actually make it into theatres) and Satan Hates You wrapped recently, both with anticipated release dates this year. Thank Go… I mean Satan.

* Trailer was up, then was down, now is up again. If it’s gone and my link doesn’t work my apologies.