First off, the title of this article is a little misleading. Duncan Jones, director of Moon, is not remaking or doing a sequel to Blade Runner. Instead he’s using that film as the inspiration for his next movie, which will also be a science fiction film. How about we just let Duncan explain it all:

It looks like I’m going to be doing another science-fiction film next. I love Blade Runner,
it’s one of my favorite films, and I’ve always been really… depressed
that there was never—not a sequel, because I don’t think it’s right to
make a sequel about
Blade Runner, but no one’s really tried to make a
film which was set in the same kind of world or had that same kind of
field. So that’s what I’m doing, a big-city mystery story that takes
place in a future Berlin.

Might he drop clues that the film is set in the same world as Blade Runner? Possibly, but I’m guessing he’s taking cues from Blade Runner in the same way Moon takes cues from 2001 and Silent Running – the influences are there, but the final movie is totally, unmistakably its own thing.

Apparently Jones is done with the script, and it’s been going out to some actors. He’s been Twittering about the new film sporadically at Also yesterday he showed me a video of a cow eating a chick (baby chicken, not a woman. But man, I’d pay to see that too), so you know that he’s worth following.

The quote above, by the way, comes from an excellent interview with Popular Mechanics that is so spoilerific that I cannot recommend you clicking the link until you’ve seen Moon. But it’s good stuff, so be sure to bookmark the page and come back this summer after Moon kicks your science fiction loving ass.