Sony and EON – the people behind the James Bond franchise – are getting together to produce a brand new spy thriller, based on a novel called Remote Control. The book, by Mark Burnell, follows a war correspondent-turned-British corporate
intelligence analyst who goes on the run with a former lover when
he gets caught up in a conspiracy to destabilize the Chinese
At least that’s what the Hollywood Reporter tells me.

Now I may be wrong here, but is this the first non-Bond film EON has produced in like, maybe ever? Want to start a crazy rumor? Here you go: EON has optioned Remote Control to use the vague outline of the plot as the basis of the next Bond film. Probably not the case – they’re likely just diversifying (and they do have a remake of Chitty Chitty Bang, written by Ian Fleming (the original book, not the remake. He’s dead and thus his rates are exorbitant), on the table). But how long before they start looking outside the Bond books for inspiration (and I don’t mean just ripping off the Bourne franchise).

Meanwhile, check out Kari Whurer’s IMDB page. Former MTV babes’ gotta eat, I suppose.