I’m an old feller. How old? The White Stripes are the last band I can truly, really get behind as a fan. Every other new band I come across may sound nice enough, but they all feel like filler bands. I imagine this is what it felt like to be living in the early half of the 70s, when you sort of suspected that music wasn’t going anyplace anymore. I also imagine this is what it’s like to be my dad.

Anyway, I really love The White Stripes, and I think Jack White is a genius. A really nice, smart guy as well – I had the lucky opportunity to interview him years ago when he appeared in Jim Jarmusch’s Cigarettes and Coffee. White’s not some inarticulate rock boob, and he’s also gunning for the title of the hardest looking Vincent Price impersonator in show business. Lately he has yet another new band, The Dead Weather, and while being interviewed about them he let slip this teensy nugget:

The White Stripes are releasing a film this year, and when I go back home in a few days, I’m going to mix all the music for that, which is like 40 songs, so that’s going to take a lot of time.

A film? What kind of film? I’d like to see them do a Hard Day’s Night sort of movie, set in the fiction that Jack and Meg are brother and sister, but I suspect it’s less narrative. Or maybe it is narrative – Jack’s a big movie guy, so it’s possible that he’s trying out some auterist tendencies.

In the meantime you can see Jack showing The Edge that a real guitarist plays guitars, not knobs, in the decent documentary This Might Get Loud.

If you have any more info about this film, drop me a line. I’m curious.

via Pitchfork