I’m thinking of using this emoticon more often:


It’s a little dude shrugging his shoulders and putting his arms up in the air while having a quizzical look on his face. He’s saying ‘Beats me!’ Wikipedia seems to think he’s the emoticon for The Flying Spaghetti Monster, but fuck that noise.

Anyway, McG is in talks to direct a big screen version of the Broadway show Spring Awakening. ~(o_O)~. See how well that works?

It’s just one of the many post-Terminator Salvation projects McG is circling. He also has the Captain Nemo movie, and possibly T5; it seems like the dude is hedging his bets, and also using his name as a way to bring films into the realm of his production company. Maybe he never intends on directing Spring Awakening but knows a dude who would be good for it.

Eh, who cares anyway. Even as something of a musical theater nerd Spring Awakening, with music by the lactile Duncan Sheik, never interested me. The rock musical is based on a German play from the 1800s and deals with a bunch of kids exploring sex and life and blah blah blah. It’s Rent without all the AIDS, essentially (which is really La Boheme, but you get the point).