Anvil! director Sacha Gervasi is having a pretty good week. While open on only three screens, his documentary about the persistence and longevity of Canadian band Anvil had a better per-screen average than Hannah Montana (metal!) and he’s got a couple other directing gigs in the works. One is evidently that Hervé Villechaize biopic and, um, ok. Why not?

A script by Gervasi that’s ready to go (which he won’t direct) is Henry’s Crime, reports The Playlist, who got the scoop from Gervasi. Keanu Reeves is already booked to star (he’s a fan of Anvil!, too) in the “zany sounding rom-com with literary allusions, crime drama shades and a protagonist confronting same major life-altering issues.” That’s The Playlist’s description, and they quote Gervasi on the project: “It’s a twisted, romantic comedy, very dark and funny and Keanu is the lead.”

Reeves will play a toll booth attendant in Buffalo who is experiencing a deep personal crisis. Gervasi is talking up heist movies and an Anton Chekov tragedy in connection with the script, which are both really good signs.