What do you really expect Michel Gondry to say about The Green Hornet at this stage? Coming Soon talked to him on the eve of the launch of his new official site and music video DVD release, and he was predictably vague about where the film is headed.

“Seth [Rogen] and Evan [Goldberg], they are the writers, but they really listen to my ideas on the movie,” which is a good start. “I think the story is getting much better and better and I feel like I’m really a part of the process.” That’s about as non-quote as a quote can get. (And yeah, I’m running it, for which I make no apologies.)

Maybe a different tactic, then. Will this be like other movies Gondry, Rogen and Goldberg have made? “I think we’re all trying to be a little different than we were before on this project, just by interacting with each other and the producer Neil Moritz adds a different taste as well, so all that will create a new universe.”

He’s like a samurai who refuses to be trapped up against a wall! Look at him circle around the point. Given that we’ve got Observe and Report as a current example of Rogen’s intent to be a little different than before, that’s not really a stretch. Seems like the entire appeal of this project so far is that Rogen and Goldberg were potentially going to do something a little different, both for them and the hero picture.

Consider this just a reminder that the project exists.