When will zombies become the next space marines?

Sometimes it seems like MCP reports on nothing but zombie games. Let it be said that we’re just as burned out by zombies as everyone else, mostly because we’ve run out of zombie puns, but also because there’s a new zombie game announcement or release virtually every week. Making things doubly frustrating: many of the zombie games in question turn out to be really great, so it’s hard to take a dump on them as a gameplay element.

At Konami’s recent Gamers Night event, lucky participants had a chance to try out the new PSN and XBLA top-down zombie shooter Zombie Apocalypse. Read Joystiq’s mini-rave here.

It looks like a gorier Burn Zombie Burn, or if Smash TV were set in the Left 4 Dead universe. ZA‘s gameplay sounds simple and familiar – move with the left analog, fire with the right analog, and rack up points – but that simplicity might be its biggest asset. The demo also showed off a mechanic that lets teammates group together to guide zombies into giant environmental traps. Herding zombies into jet engines sounds like terrific fun. While it hasn’t been confirmed, rumors indicate that Nihilistic software (Conan, Marvel Nemesis) is finishing this up for a summer release.

Thanks to great games like Burn Zombie Burn, Left 4 Dead, and now perhaps Zombie Apocalypse, it looks like the shambling undead might be here to stay. Space marines, on the other hand, can go away now.