I first became aware of Mark Todd through his very excellent, stripped down and primitive versions of classic comic book covers (check out his version of Amazing Fantasy #15 here). Now Mondo Tees has commissioned Todd to do a series of prints for t-shirts; the Bad Ass series has some of your favorite movie tough guys (and one Todd made up) in the inimitable Mark Todd style. They’re modified versions of the illustrations Todd did in his book Badasses, which you can also order right here from CHUD if you’re not that into the t-shirt thing (check out some of the other illustrations – he has cool Hulk Hogan and Mr. T images).

Click here to order some Mark Todd Badasses from Mondo. Below are a couple of awesome examples.

If you know of cool art – whether it be on shirts, poster prints, skateboards, in books, whatever – drop me a line at devin at chud dot com and let me know about it.