I used to have to travel a lot this past year since I taught 30 miles away. The great (read: horrible) thing about it was when I got within 10 miles of my destination, it got CONGESTED. The fact of the matter is that the freeway branches off to the next town. So many people went over there for work/school/whatever. It’s one single lane.

Although for some reason all of these geniuses decided to stay in the fast lane until the last moment where they’d try to get in over at branching off point. So many things piss me off royally on the road.

The drivers who know that the friggin’ sign says “lane merges to the right/left” and as soon as the cones start showing up they speed up to get in the front of the line.

The assholes who are either in the fast lane or the middle lane of the freeway, or even just on the road, who are going 10 or 15 MILES BELOW THE SPEED LIMIT.

Now there’s another side to that coin. the LEAD FOOTS. I’ve been driving on the road at about 70, and some shithead zooms in behind me and then around me going abou 90.

It’s as if some people just want to cause accidents. Either that, or they’re just stupid as all hell. I believe its more the second one.

Rene’s song of the day: “Q’s Trick” by John Barry.

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