Konami today announced their plans to bring the Saw videogame to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, because one movie a year isn’t nearly enough Saw! The rights were bought from developer Brash (who recently went bankrupt) and handed over to Zombie Studios.

In the game you’ll be stuck inside a truly unique location for a survival horror game- an abandoned insane asylum. Of course Jigsaw is the person who stuck you there and there are lots of traps and horrific situations you’ll be thrust into. The game will put you in the shoes of Danny Glover’s character from the first film, but they’re just calling him by his character’s name so I doubt it will have his likeness. It will take place between Saw and Saw II and reveal some of Jigsaw’s backstory, in case the target audience actually cares.

The game also promises “difficult moral choices”- possibly a karma system? Also the game apparently will have lots of foes for you to fight, as the release claims that the asylum is “far from empty” and is populated by “Jigsaw’s minions”. Ugh.

Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules of Twisted Pictures say, “Through the years, it has been important to us to consistently find new ways to engage and thrill horror audiences, this game is the next step, transporting fans directly into Jigsaw’s labyrinth.”
If I’m sounding a little down on the game it’s because I truly hate the Saw series, especially since the concept had so much potential for greatness. Not only that but developer Zombie Studios hasn’t done much, although they’re clearly more adept than Brash was. I’d be down to give it a shot, as there’s always room for more survival horror games, but I can’t shake this bad feeling. Plus the “minions” thing has me irked- this game could easily work if it were just puzzles and trying to evade clever traps, but I have the feeling that they’re going to take that third person perspective and have you fighting off guys left and right. Not what the game needs.

Check the site for more screens and info. There’s no release date announced yet but expect it to hit sometime in October because if it’s Halloween it must mean go fuck yourself.