MTV News is like the Weekly World News of the internet movie world. I keep expecting the headline ‘Batboy Would Like to Play Batmite In Dark Knight 2‘ to show up on this godforsaken excuse for journalism. But every once in a while their bullshit, pulled out of their asses, having no basis in facts or meaning stories ascend from being utter wastes of time to a diverting 30 seconds of thought.

Case in point: they’ve interviewed Chris Pine, the new captain of the Enterprise in JJ Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek, and he mentions that he’d be interested in starring in the new A-Team movie under development. Normally this would be sheer nonsense (if you ask an actor if they would like to star in a movie, 99% of the time they will at the very least hedge their bets – ‘I’d have to see a script, but it sounds fun!’ – because they don’t want to be on the record turning work down), but Pine not only knows Joe Carnahan, the director of The A-Team, they worked together on Smokin’ Aces. And more than that… they’ve talked about it.

“We’ve talked about something happening,” Pine hoped [sic – I just copied and pasted this from the MTV site. You can ask Larry Carroll, the writer of the piece, about this particular bit of word usage]. “I don’t think the script is quite done yet or something. But who knows?”

Looking at Pine you’d assume that Faceman would be his role, but the actor insists he wants to play Howling Mad Murdock. Whatever, Pine – you’re too pretty.

Today, MTV, you don’t get the rolled up newspaper on the nose. You peed on the wee wee pad, and for that, we’re all proud of you.