There are two kinds of celebrity Twitterers: the kind who really use the service, and who spend half the day posting 140 character nuggets of nonsense and replying to the 2000 Tweets that are directed at them and the kind who use it right. Frank Marshall uses it right.

The producer has been Tweeting from the set of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and while he hasn’t had much Earth-shattering to share about the production, he has been keeping it interesting and not choking my Twitter feed with a zillion replies (also good at this: Jon Favreau, who manages to present lots of Iron Man 2 info that almost feels noteworthy. Example: they’re shooting in Tony’s lab tomorrow!). And he dropped a bit of Bourne 4 news yesterday: they’re aiming to release the movie in 2111.

Well, that was a typo. He actually meant 2011. While this is tough to classify as actual news on any day except the slow Monday after Easter, it is interesting to see what time frame they’re working with. Is the 2011 release date intended to give Paul Greengrass a chance to make another movie, now that Green Zone is in the testing phase?

Hopefully Marshall will keep us up to date right here: