Watch those taut facial muscles in action! Man, Eric Roberts didn’t accept The CHUD Show’s MySpace friends invitation and I’m still reeling from it. I don’t want anything good to happen to him. Not a rekindling of his relationship with sister Julia or his gigolo Oral. Not a Best of the Best reunion (Chris Penn, busy). Not the tender help of Stone Cold Steve Austin during a big blast of heat and brimstone.

The makers of The Expendables do not care what I think, because the first ‘official’ still from the film involves the star of every Eric Roberts movie is surviving the shit out of an explosion.

We all know the film is going to be a blast, though I’m mystified that it’ll be PG-13 [answer: to sell tickets] film in the wake of Stallone’s magnum opus of hatebullets [my DVD review], Rambo. Everyone who’s great (ie: still has to audition for roles even though they have 30+ films on their resume) is in it. And Eric Roberts.

Sly’s favorite movie site of all evertime, Aint it Cool [banned by Caribou Coffee!] has the full image HERE.