For those of you who questioned why Michael Sheen, who seems to be carving out two distinct career paths for himself, continues to come back to projects like the Underworld series when he’s receiving acclaim in movies like Frost / Nixon, you have some new ammo in your query arsenal.  One prong of his career has found Sheen in high-brow flicks such as the aforementioned Nixon tale, The Queen, Kingdom of Heaven and Blood Diamond.  The other generally involves werewolves and vampires.  And it seems that Sheen is content to split time between the two types of films as he’s just signed on to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, according to Variety. 

What’s ironic is that now Sheen, who was the leader of the Lycans in the Underworld trilogy, will hop the fence and get his inner Bill Nighy on by portraying the leader of the Volturi, a vampire coven who threatens Bella (Kristen Stewart), even as she gets pulled more into Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) world of werewolves.  The sequel, which is to be directed by Chris Weitz, will be released Nov. 20th. 

So far I’ve managed to not find myself in front of a screen of any kind showing the original Twilight, but I will admit to not hating the Underworld films.  I would have thought that Sheen, who became the featured player in the latest installment, Rise of the Lycans, might have had his fill with the beasties, but I guess he wants to get a taste of the pale Eurotrash bloodsucking lifestyle.  Or, more simply put, he wants to Suck This Face.