Last Friday night Herman Hulst from Guerilla Games appeared on GameTrailers TV to reveal the details behind the upcoming Killzone 2 downloadable content. Come late April Killzone players will be able to get their sweaty palms on the Steel & Titanium Pack, which contains two brand new multiplayer maps that are based on levels from the campaign.

The first is by far the cooler of the two. Entitled ‘Wasteland Bullet’, it’s based on the level that had you running along a speeding train. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of the game and really showcases the particle effects in the game, and watching people run around and fight on it in this video shows how great it’s going to be. As you can see it’s actually comprised of two trains that are speeding alongside each other, and you can jump back and forth between the two- if you keep an eye out for obstacles, that is.

The second level is ‘Vekta Cruiser’. It’s set on the ISA tech cruiser where you start off the game in (and later return to for a battle), and will feature multiple levels and familiar locations. It’s a nice clean area that looks different than any map we have yet, so it’s a welcome change.

The big question is how much this DLC will be, if indeed we will be charged for it. For only two maps it’s likely that it will be free, which would be smart for them. But there’s no definite details just yet. Hulst also hinted at future DLC, suggesting that it will have a “retro” feel to it. Possibly variations on Killzone 1 maps?

Expect more on this when we get our hands on it!