Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Hannah Montana The Movie $34,000,000 $10,904 $34,000,000
2 Fast and Furious $28,783,000 (-59.4%) $8,290 $118,042,000
3 Monsters Vs. Aliens $22,617,000 (-30.6%) $5,468 $141,009,000
4 Observe and Report $11,140,000 $4,085 $11,140,000
5 Knowing $6,670,000 (-18.1%) $2,280 $68,006,000
6 I Love You, Man $6,412,000 (-17.0%) $2,426 $58,997,000
7 The Haunting in Connecticut $5,710,000 (-39.8%) $2,098 $46,297,000
8 Dragonball Evolution $4,650,000 $2,132 $4,650,000
9 Adventureland $3,433,000 (-40.0%) $1,830 $11,450,000
10 Duplicity $2,997,000 (-28.2%) $1,525 $36,848,000

This just in: The mod look.

The appeal of Peter Cheslom’s early career, with such films as Hear My Song and Funny Bones, has made way for a filmmaker who had promise to being something of a joke. This is sad, but he -at least – can finally lay claim to success in selling out with Hannah Montana The Movie. Though the film is not in a great position to reach the nine digit mark, that is also not out of reach. But films like this may not lead to Cheslom getting to do more work, as it may just mean being a Disney In-houser. And that’s only if the shoot went well. Did you know that Megaforce‘s Barry Bostwick was in the movie? With a film like this the only one who really benefits is the parent company. And of course, the Cyruses, but they’re also a part of the factory. Disney made them – and like Ivan Drago – can probably break them. The film will probably take a strong tumble next week as the core demo is likely going to want to follow Zac Efron into 17 Again.

Fast and Furious got well past that $100 Million dollar mark this weekend, and even though it took a near 60% tumble, it should trump the original’s $144 Million haul. So, Universal will undoubtedly be getting the band back together again, unless someone gets too diva-ish. This success may speak well for Justin Lin, but his Bruce Lee movie barely got released. He’s another one who started Indie, sold out, and has finally hit gold. Lucky him. Monsters Vs. Aliens is also playing well enough, and should top out somewhere before $200, especially since Hannah Montana didn’t hurt it that much, and there won’t be another animated feature until Up.

Observe and Report suggests that Seth Rogen can deliver a ten million dollar opening, but this doesn’t have the same sort of appeal as a Judd Apatow movie, and the trailers – for better or worse – didn’t try to do a bait and switch. They sold the movie they had, which is good, though the film will likely top out around $30 Million. With a cult following (which is all a movie like this can have) and an unrated two-disc DVD and Blu-ray, the film will likely be modestly profitable. Hopefully The Green Hornet will get going soon, so Rogen can cover his commerciality to ensure he can make more film like this. Funny People should get to $100, but that has both Apatow and Sandler, though it’ll be interesting to see how that plays. We’re not there yet, though. But Rogen going away for a bit might be smart as he’s had a lot of movies lately, and he is surely over-exposed. It’s possible Rogen-fatigue has set in.

Knowing is playing, as is I Love You, Man. Though both will take the hit when summer starts for real, neither is falling that heavy, and both should be able to net another ten to fifteen Million before they wrap up. And The Haunting in Connecticut is a solid genre entry with another ten-ish likely, leaving it over $50, which is big. If Lionsgate didn’t go super crazy on the ads, I’m sure the film is already in profitability.

Fox let Dragonball Evolution shit the bed. Perhaps the film will play stronger internationally. But it’ll be in dollar theaters in approximately eleven days. Adventureland looks to be found on DVD, where it will likely have a passionate fanbase. I don’t know if Miramax can be faulted for it, though the film might have fared better with a name lead. Kristen Stewart seems to have no pull outside of Twilight yet, even if she’s got sex appeal. She seems to be making smart acting choices, so she’s got that. And Duplicity dies. With the advance screening of Star Trek, and the leak of Wolverine, it’s like summer has already started, but we’ve still got three weeks to go. Three long or short weeks, depending on how you want to look at it.