Edgar Wright has promised to bring us a weekly video blog from the set of Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe, and the first one has arrived. You actually get to see Michael Cera in a little bit of action here – doing some sword fighting – and I’m interested in seeing more of him proving to the disbelievers that he can pull of Scott’s kung fu style.

And if you happen to be in Toronto this weekend, Edgar is presenting the grand finale of his Toronto Wright Stuff film festival at the Bloor. Forget Easter, this Sunday line-up is a miracle:

Curated by Edgar Wright (Director/Writer of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ) The Wright Stuff (Toronto Edition!) has been fulfilling its promises to fill the bottomless void inside your soul with all the excitement, gut busting laughter and life changing moments that can only be delivered by an unhealthy dose of cinematic fried gold.

This Sunday (4/12) it’s THE BROOD and LAST NIGHT (Don McKellar will be in the house)

Edgar Says: “Two of my very favorite Canadians films. David Cronenberg is the King Of Canada as far as I’m concerned. I was watching his films and seeing Toronto on screen, before I even knew where it was. His body of work and his journey from making genre films to being one of our most lauded international auteurs continues to amaze. “The Brood” is a cult classic and deserves to be seen more often.  Cronenberg also appears in “Last Night”, an outstanding film about the apocalypse by the great Don McKellar. This bleak gem is one of the films that influenced “Shaun of the Dead”, so I’m very happy to present it at the Bloor. See you there.”

And here’s the video blog:

UPDATED! The video blog, while offering embed options, isn’t embeddable. I don’t get it either. Click here to watch the video blog on the Scott Pilgrim site.