I’m quite excited for Bobcat Goldthwait’s new directorial effort World’s Greatest Dad, based in large part on Devin’s review and word from other folks that saw the film at Sundance. I’m sad that I’ll miss it at the Independent Film Festival Boston in a couple weeks, but now we all might not have to wait long to see the thing.

The Wrap is reporting that Magnolia has picked up the film. The plan is evidently to release it on demand betfore an August theatrical release, more or less following the release pattern for Two Lovers and a few other recent films.

The film stars Robin Williams as a man who deals with his son’s death in an unusual, possibly exploitative way. I know it takes a lot to get excited about a Robin Williams movie these days, but this one seems to be worth heightening your typical level of interest. And it’s Goldthwait’s return to directing! Devin says “Goldthwait’s script is heavy on transgression, but it’s also filled
with piranha sharp satire. He targets everything from stupid teenagers
to therapists to talk show hosts.”

With this deal in place, hopefully we’ll have a trailer soon. (Collider has a few clips, in the meantime.)