The story thus far…

It’s 10 years after the events of the first game. Jack has killed all the people who ran the underwater city of Rapture and taken away the Little Sisters. Rapture continued on afterwards but it was even more of a hellhole than before, without any source of ADAM. ADAM was what changed everything for the bizarre underwater city- drawn from stem cells harvested from a sea slug that enabled scientists to overwrite the human genome and change what it means to be human, it soon became an obsession for all its inhabitants. Girls called Little Sisters were raised and implanted with the slugs to be a steady source of ADAM for the city, and now that they’re gone all those that are left are fighting for whatever scraps can be found.

Until a Big Sister shows up, bringing back Little Sisters who had escaped to the real world. You play a renegade Big Daddy who’s fighting to get his share of ADAM.

Check out how he plays in this clip (via Gametrailers) where he’s pursuing the Big Sister!

I don’t typically watch trailers over and over, going over every little detail and trying to suck as much information out of it as I can, but for Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams, I’ll make an exception. This looks amazing.