So, I went out drinking with Seymour Cassel tonight. I love Los Angeles and the New Beverly for allowing shit like that to happen. Seymour talked up every woman in the bar, and one admitted after he left that she would have gone home with him (she said that after having shown him her bra). I have met few people who have magic in them. That man does.


It’s too bad for Observe and Report that Paul Blart did as well as it did, because that may hurt it, though I understand the ads were all over the College B-Ball finals, so it’s likely that word is out and the film (which was relatively cheap), will do well enough. Having seen it, I loved it. But it’s one of those films that a lot of people are going to have problems with, not necessarily because they don’t get it, but because it’s a film that asks a lot of the viewer. And in the era we are in that probably won’t play. Which is too bad. It will eventually find its audience, I’m sure. But it should get crushed by Hannah Montana.

Dragonball Evolution is also opening. I like it when Chow Yun-Fat gets paid.

Summer is around the corner, and we’ll see how badly Wolverine will get hurt by the piracy, and mixed word of mouth. It looks like Paramount has played their hand brilliantly with Star Trek, so maybe summer will really begin a week later. The Austin screening, and the heat from that is enormous, even if the crowd was going to be putty post-Nimoy. I’ve been a nay-sayer, but the clips online make it look like fun, and I can’t believe that, or that I’m saying as much. But as I’ve said and keep saying, I want to get down on my fetlocks to pray they don’t go back to Kahn.


Hey, I just got home from drinking with Seymour, so I’m sorry I’ve got to be brief. Regardless of the new films, Fast and Furious played, and should keep playing into May. Hannah will do well, Observe just okay, and Dragonball will flounder, though not much can be hoped of it. Fox…

1. Fast and Furious – $35 Million
2. Monsters Vs. Aliens – 21. 3 Million
3. Hannah Montana: Jesus Died For Somebody’s Sins But Not Hers– $21 Million
4. Observe and Report – $17.5 Million
5. Dragonball: Devolution – $7.5 Million

And then I’ll try and be coherent Sunday.