Fans of amazing practical make-up don’t get as many chances to be wowed as we once were, so it’s nice to see something like the image to the right: Robert Kurtzman’s Snake Woman design for Jennifer Lynch’s film Hisss.

Lynch’s film is a Bollywood production (she and Paul Schrader are leading the vanguard of Hollywood filmmakers heading to India), and it’s an entry in a genre that’s apparently very popular over there. We don’t get a lot of Snake Woman movies, but the Indians eat them up. According to Fangoria:

HISSS is a modern day retelling of the ancient tale of the ichhadahari nagin (snake woman) and follows a ruthless American, fascinated by the ancient folklore of the mythical creature, who travels to the jungles of India to discover the truth. He finds and captures the nagin’s mate for the magical powers of its nagmani, a mythical gem embedded in its hood. The nagin then transforms into a gorgeous femme fatale and follows him back into the modern world to track down her lover and wreak revenge on his captors and all who stand in the way of their reunion.

The pictured Snake Woman is the balls-bogglingly gorgeous Bollywood star Malika Sherawat. For a better look at the entire make-up, click here for the full body pics at Fangoria.