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If you can’t appreciate a movie where an insane, half-faced 60 foot tall man in a diaper holds a school bus full of children over his head, threatening to smash it into the Griffith Park Observatory, I’m not sure why you’re even reading This is the goods, people.

And by this I mean War of the Colossal Beast, the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man (but a sequel with a whole new cast). While Colossal Man is probably a better movie with a better set of set pieces(which isn’t saying much), Colossal Beast wins my eternal love with the monster design. Poor Lt. Col. Glenn Manning, previously irradiated until he became 60 feet tall, took a plunge off the Hoover Dam at the end of the first movie. Everybody thought he was dead, but he actually turns up in Mexico, eating food delivery trucks… and with half of his face being exposed skull. I mean, a normal sized guy in clothes with his skull showing is cool enough, but a giant sized guy who is also wearing some kind of little sarong? Fuck yeah.

There are two others thing to recommend this movie: the last minute inexplicably turns color, and it’s really short. Like 70 minutes. Sure, this may be the worst movie we’ve featured on Watch This Now, but some bad movies are worth the effort. And maybe you’ve already seen this film done on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and want to get the un-botted experience.