Duncan Jones’ Moon was one of my favorite films at the Sundance Film Festival. Smart, intriguing and beautiful, the movie features Sam Rockwell as a technician on a lunar mining station whose work contract has him stranded alone for three years. Or he’s supposed to be alone, anyway. Moon is real science fiction – not shoot em up space opera, but a movie with ideas that are propelled by the setting, not dictated by them. I really, really loved the movie and I think this new trailer captures a delightful hint of what is so good about it.

UPDATE! The music you hear in the trailer is the score of the movie, from the amazing Clint Mansell. It just so happens that Duncan Jones and Clint were out throwing a couple back to celebrate the trailer’s release, so I asked Duncan about a soundtrack. One is coming, and expect it to be timed with the movie’s release date. That means we won’t be waiting around forever for this to hit.

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