Where’s Nailed, the David O. Russell movie that had so many financial difficulties last year? While we wait for that film, Russell is signing on to other projects, including one of the safest bets in the biz: a high school romantic comedy. Aaron and Sarah has been around town for a while as B.F.F., but was put into turnaround after a stint at Rogue and now resides at Fox 2000, which has tapped Russell to direct.

The story is familiar; nerd guy, popular girl become friends, he pines and sticks around as the sweet best friend, she eventually falls for him. That shit never works. The script is by husband and wife Chad Gomez Creasey and Dara Resnik Creasey, but I hope Russell does a rewrite to bring it more in line with his familiar probing sensibility.

Not that you can blame Russell for taking a sure thing, even as he’s already got his script based on The Silver Linings Playbook in the works with The Weinstein Company.

Meanwhle, I’ve heard vague but disturbing intimations that Nailed may very well never see the light of day. Did it even get all the way
through post-production? (At the end of June ’08 the movie was trying to finish principal photography, then in November a Variety report
said the picture was in post.) This has been the common line I’ve got
on the movie for a couple of months, but I hope the info is bad; if
you’ve got better information that the film will see release, get in touch.