Music has been a big part of the hype machine for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are. Cutting the trailer to music by the Arcade Fire was a great move, as the song perfectly underscored the emotions on display.

There’s often no one better than creating emotions with a guitar than Marc Ribot, and I can’t adaquately express how excited I am to read that he’s been tapped to play some of Carter Burwell’s score. Ribot may not be a technical monster, but he’s a remarkably versatile player who can go from sensitive to brutal in moments. He’s adept at wringing sounds out of the instrument that you’d never think came from six strings. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather hear playing on the score.

Billboard [via The Playlist] has the scoop.

Is Ribot actually the world’s best guitarist? Maybe not, but he’s up there. And how many people would have read this if I used his name in the headline, anyway? The first clip below, of Ribot playing two John Zorn pieces, shows his range with noise and sensitive passages; the second is Ribot playing with Tom Waits in 2004. The latter quality is just OK (it’s a bootleg video clip) but Ribot’s solo about three minutes in is tasty. (And that’s the second youngest Waits child playing percussion along with Brain from Primus on drums.) The Ribot solo in the next song from that show, ‘Make it Rain’, is good, too.