There wasn’t much to like about The Haunting in Connecticut, but Kyle Galler’s performance was one of the better points. He played the haunted, cancer-stricken lead character with more depth than the movie demanded or rewarded. Not that he was channeling Brando, but his stuff worked.

Now he’s been cast in Samuel Bayer’s new Nightmare on Elm Street. Variety says he’s in as Quentin, “one of the lead teens”, so I’m assuming he’ll be working directly opposite Jackie Earle Haley’s Freddy Krueger. (I know I’ve seen a cast breakdown for the movie that had more info on the character, but can’t find it. I’ll dig that sucker up and add the info when I can.)

EDIT: THR says Quentin is “an indie-style guy who runs the high
school’s podcast, “Insomnia Radio.” He is part of the group of
teens that falls prey to Krueger, haunting the dreams of those that
lived on the street where he was murdered.”

Gallner’s no Johnny Depp (I will take him over Nick Corri/Jsu Garcia) but I’ll be happy to see him in the film, and in Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body, which is his next big thing. 

This news hit Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller’s blog a couple days ago, but we were evidently all too hopped up on the news of Haley’s casting to notice. Fuller also said that the development of new Krueger makeup would be starting this week, working from molds of Haley’s face and head.