You’ve heard the controversy. You’ve listened to the outraged cries of parents and politicans. You might have even seen some of the sensationalized news reports.
But they couldn’t ban Close Range from release. It’s out, and to prove just how amazing the game is there’s an online taste of it right here.

Try it out and you’ll see why it’s the most important video game release of all time. This brief demo shows off a bit of the story, and gives you a chance to try your hands at exploding heads with a revolver, uzi, and shotgun. Make sure to play through the end, where you get to turn your weapons on a horse and an ostrich!

Could this be the game to finally end the “games as art” debate? Yes. Fuck Braid. This game is a fucking work of art, a masterpiece of the medium. It should be shown to schoolchildren and used as an example of where to take game design. You know how people always talk about what they were doing when JFK was shot or the Twin Towers fell? The release of this game is exactly the same, but in a good way. Like the birth of a child. Jesus, perhaps.

Just try it out and experience the joy for yourselves.