Imagine if, in the 70s, Martin Scorsese had YouTube. If, during breaks on Taxi Driver, he could do a quickie short film using the talent and resources at hand. Just for laughs. Would it have been cool? Stupid? Whatever it would have been, you’d be dying to see it today, demanding it be including on a special edition Blu-Ray of the movie.

Today’s filmmakers have this opportunity. And some of them are taking advantage of it, putting out little shorts that may not change your life but are fun little diversions. The latest comes from Adam Green, whose annual Halloween shorts are always a real treat; Saber is essentially an Axe Body Spray commercial writ large, but it’s cute and, as we head into Humpday I know a couple of you could use hot girls in their underwear fighting with light sabers. It’s the little things that get us through the week.