Aside from being part of the anthology film Tokyo!, Bong Joon Ho has been relatively quiet on the world stage since The Host broke Korean box office records and made him an upper echelon monster-lover’s director. In keeping with Bong’s genre-jumping tendencies (he was equally adept with the crime in Memories of Murder and the comedy of Barking Dogs Never Bite) his next film won’t be anything like a thematic follow-up to The Host.

Twitch has been great about providing details on his next film Mother, the trailer for which has debuted today. The film follows a woman who must prove the innocence of her mentally disabled son, who has been forced to confess to a crime he didn’t commit.

I’m on the slowest internet connection available (I think no connection
would be faster than this) and even in Choppy-Vision, the first full trailer for Mother looks
beautiful. It’s got shades of Park Chan-Wook’s movies, sure, but this (thankfully) looks like it’s an entirely different animal.

After Mother, Twitch says Bong will tackle a big sci-fi picture, Snow Train, keeping the new trend of directors we love making new sci-fi going.