Fable II: Fun, engrossing, detailed, unique. And very, very short.

Even including its dozens of bite-sized sidequests, the game is woefully brief. As a remedy, Lionhead Studios released the pirate-themed Knothole Island DLC a few months back, and is readying its second update in “See the Future,” which heralds the return of the mysterious trader Murgo, as well as new costumes, new items, and a trio of new quests. It’s hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace some time in May, and will cost you 560 points, or around seven bucks.

Dear Lionhead,

Your $60 game was five hours long. As my folksy grandma would say, please stop nickel and dimin’ us. I recall Peter Molyneux saying that if Fable II were played correctly, it would top out at over a hundred hours.  Does that figure include 80 hours of virtual bartending?

Kind regards, and thanks for not killing my dog.