How long before I’m essentially out of a job? No, not because Nick gets sick of my shenanigans, but because the need for what I do disappears. I think we’re very close to the time when studios stop screening most major movies at all – even for junkets, since those roundtable bozos don’t need to see the movie to ask the same stupid questions about what film the talent is doing next – and I also wonder if set visits will be a thing of the past. After all, it’s expensive to send people out to sets, and why bother if the studio can update fans from the set in real time?

Peter Jackson really pioneered that with the Lord of the Rings films, but now Sylvester Stallone’s new movie The Expendables may be going to the next level. The unit publicist is twittering from the set of the movie, blasting out quick 140 characters updates to an eager populace. Why bother having a third party like me on your set when the unit can do this stuff all by itself? And there’s no chance of the unit saying something unkind or breaking an embargo or revealing something the studio would rather not have revealed.

And check out some the good stuff you get when you have an insider doing the twittering:

sly & statham r ready for the first shot. huge stunt. shooting in mangaratiba w hours south of rio
about 9 hours ago from mobile web


holy cow jason statham is rrrripped for this film
about 5 hours ago from mobile web
Click here to check out the Twitter feed. We’re promised tweets from Sly and the other stars in the days to come.

via Aint It Cool