I suppose I could have come up with a title for this piece that would have evoked Batman and Superman – after all, it’s about Christian Bale being attached to Prisoners, the film from Bryan Singer – but I decided rather to go with my new Mark Wahlberg co-star article naming convention.

Prisoners is about a Bible-thumping, survivalist guy whose 6 year old daughter is kidnapped. When a cop who hates being out in the boonies gets assigned the case but doesn’t do enough for dad’s liking, the dude captures guys he thinks may be in on the kidnapping and begins torturing them for info.

Mark Wahlberg is on the movie already; if I had to guess, he’s playing the cop while Bale would play the unsmiling, stern, serious-minded father who never smiles, while never cracking a grin. That’s just a guess, though.

All of this is up in the air. Nobody’s signed on to anything, even Singer. The players are attaching themselves to the script as it’s being shopped around town as a way of making it more attractive to studios.

via Risky Biz blog