I saw Anvil in concert this week at the Blender Theater. Even in his 50s, singer/guitarist Lips still has it, pulling off amazingly fast licks and solos and absolutely shredding it up on his two Flying V guitars. He came out using his beat to hell red one, which seems to be the same guitar he was playing back in the early 80s, playing massive shows around the world. When it’s wielded by a guitarist with the skill of Lips there’s just no guitar like it.
Thanks to Anvil! The Story of Anvil and Gibson you too could be the proud owner of your very own Gibson Flying V- autographed by the members of Anvil! This has got to be one of the best contests we’ve ever run on CHUD.com!

A certain aura of mystique surrounds the Gibson Flying V. A guitar well ahead of its time when it was introduced in 1958, the Flying V’s intense magnetic appeal, powerful sound, and unusually familiar shape have made it one of the most instantly recognizable guitars in the world. Legendary Gibson President Ted McCarty was looking to add a futuristic aspect to the company’s image when he introduced the Flying V, and he nailed it. And while some of the greatest guitar players of all-time—including Lonnie Mack and Albert King—immediately embraced the Flying V, it wasn’t until Gibson reintroduced the guitar in 1967 that the rest of the world caught on. Guitar Gods like Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Billy Gibbons, Michael Schenker, and Lenny Kravitz have all succumbed to the Flying V’s fascinating allure.
Check it out!

This is a 1968 Flying V with an ebony finish, worth $1799!

To Enter-

1. In subject line put ANVILGIBSON
2. In body of text please include your full name and mailing address
3. Go to our Watch It Now section. Which of last week’s Music Week films is your favorite?
4. Name four Anvil albums!
5. Email entry to alex at creature-corner dot com

Good luck! A few runners-up will also get autographed Anvil posters.

Check out the official site for more on the movie and to find out if the Anvil Experience is coming to your town.

Check out Gibson’s site for more info on the guitar!