Hollywood’s competitive spirit shows itself again, this time with two movies about the Easter Bunny headed into production. It’s always sort of delightful to see which concept has Hollywood all thinking alike at any given moment, and it’s never a concept you would think would be raging through the town.

So this time it’s Easter Bunnies; more specifically Easter Bunny movies with ‘Hop’ in the title. One is I Hop, the other is Hip Hop. Neither makes me happy to be alive.

I Hop has a slacker running over the Easter Bunny and breaking his leg; while the Bunny heals the slacker must take up his duties. Of hiding eggs, I guess. The Easter Bunny is perhaps the least useful holiday character, so I would think that skipping a year wouldn’t hurt anybody that much.

Hip Hop finds the Easter Bunny realizing that he’s the lamest of the holiday characters, so he retires and goes to live with a human family as a pet (this is retirement? It sounds like prison). Chaos – of the hilarious kind, I’m sure – ensues. I bet at the end the Bunny gets back in the business, probably with the help of his human hosts. Hilarity!