Sam Weir wrote a script! John Francis Daley, who played Sam on the beloved Freaks and Geeks, has written Burt Dickenson: The Most Powerful Magician on Planet Earth along with TV show writer Jonathan Goldstein. With a title like that I’d normally be wary, even with Sam Weir behind the typewriter, but the big news on this is that Jake Kasdan has signed on to direct.

Kasdan is shaping up to be the most underappreciated filmmaker in forever; his three movies – The Zero Effect, The TV Set and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – all get much less love than they deserve. I recently rewatched Walk Hard and I think it’s kind of amazing, and much more sly and subtle than many people realize.

Burt Dickenson tells the story of a magician who accidentally kills his partner. He loses his ‘inner magic’ but must get it back when confronted by his archnemesis, Xander Storm. Hollywood Reporter says the film aims to showcase the “old school/David Copperfield vs.
new school/Criss Angel” rivalry in a tone that harkens back to such
movies as “Austin Powers” or “Zoolander.”

I’m there.