Last week when we had some downtime, I missed linking to this poster for Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. The film stars Sasha Grey, owner of the delightful features seen here, as a top-flight prostitute who offers more than simple sex. It’s the ‘girlfriend experience’ — paying for a woman who pretends to like you and offers loving attention and conversation, not just sex.

A work in progress of the film, shot in just a few weeks starring a mostly amateur cast, was shown at Sundance in January. Devin described it as “Soderbergh’s indie half and mainstream half coming together; while
related to Bubble, it feels much more accessible and complete” in his review.

Meanwhile, the poster. I love just about every part of this image — the basic photo, the dot pattern that holds Grey’s features at a distance, the barcode that commoditizes the whole thing. And then the tagline. ‘See it with someone you ****’ is inspired.

The poster showed up at NY Mag’s Vulture; you can see a slightly bigger version there. Thanks to Zachary for reminding me to post this.