Heckler, the documentary featuring none other than yours truly, Devin C Faraci, premieres on Showtime tonight at 9:30, and will also be on Showtime on Demand. If you’ve ever wanted to see a mountain man version of me from three years ago call Leonard Maltin a twatmuffin, this is your premium cable chance to do so.

While I don’t fully agree with all the points Michael Addis makes in this doc that seeks to draw a connection between hecklers and critics, I do think it’s really damn funny and incredibly entertaining. And it’s a terrific starting point for a debate about the role of criticism in art. In other words, I’m actually proud to have been in this.

And in the end you have to give lots of credit to a movie that can make you feel bad for, and even sort of respect Carrot Top. Seriously, Heckler does that.

Here’s the trailer. Hope you get a chance to check the movie out.