A new story trailer for Prototype was sent our way today that shows the interesting way you’ll be learning more about your strange, shape-shifting character. It’s all about absorbing people!

At the NYCC this year I got to try my hand on a short demo of the game, and I was fairly impressed. It placed you in Times Square where you were trying to kill/absorb a guy who knew something of your past. Just running around the city is pretty astounding, as there are dozens of civilians walking around, and your guy can leap huge distances, wallrun, and of course fight like a beast. With cops, helicopters and tanks in the way it wasn’t so easy, but when I finally got to my target and absorbed him I gained a power that caused a blade to spurt out of my arm, and that was incredibly awesome. The controls changed to adapt to my new form, something that will definitely take some getting used to, but it’s a pretty neat idea. Nevermind the fact that you could ELBOW DROP A TANK. You can definitely see that Incredible Hulk influence from developer Radical Entertainment.
Prototype will also be one of the two combatants in this year’s superhero battle- the Prototype Vs. inFamous showdown. Course Prototype‘s got a few points in its favor- it’s the first out of the gate, hitting a month earlier in June, it’s not exclusive to one console and the powers are definitely much more over the top. But either way it looks like gamers who like to swing around cities as a superhero or villain (and occasionally destroy parts of it) will have a lot to look forward to this summer.