Kim Pine’s drums!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is filming RIGHT NOW in Toronto, Canadia, and Edgar Wright is keeping his blog updated with new photos from the set every single day. He seems to even be doing multiple photos.

None of the pictures are the kinds of clear portrait shots that get run in USA Today, but I like this better. We’re getting looks at the details and the atmosphere of the film. Judging by the pictures Edgar’s been uploading, shooting has begun in the sets for Kim Pine’s house, with lots of Sex Bombomb – Scott’s band – material happening.

Here’s another shot of the band hanging out in Kim’s room. Speaking with Edgar the other day I said that I thought Alison Pill, who is playing Kim, was adorable. ‘Wait until you see her in costume,’ he said. Is this my first sneak peak? (Note: it’s hard to be sure, but I do think that these folks are stand-ins, probably getting the lighting set up for the shot)

If you’re in Toronto, the final nights of Edgar’s The Wright Stuff film festival are happening. Get your butt down to the Bloor to see some of Edgar’s favorite movies – this weekend he’s doing Police Story and Drunken Master II. Ask him if these movies are influencing Scott Pilgrim‘s fight scenes in any way!

For more pictures, and the schedule of The Wright Stuff, hit Edgar’s blog here.