That’s the first promo image for the incredibly oddly-cast Day of the Triffids remake that’s on the way from the BBC. BroadcastNow found it yesterday, although apparently they’ve pulled it since then.

The story is familiar to anyone who’s read or heard any of the previous adaptations. The Triffids are a new type of plant that’s  been sprouting all over the world, and while it’s an incredibly strange plant no one has any idea that its preferred food is human flesh. The triffids were being studied after finding out that they’re an awesome
alternate fuel supply,  but the story veers into post-apocalyptic territory when a meteor shower renders almost the entire population of the Earth blind. We follow a doctor who retained his sight because his eyes had been covered by bandages after being stung by a Triffid as he tries to help others stay away from any goddamn plants.

If you’ve never read John Wyndham’s original story, get on that. It’s so much stronger (and more serious) than the 1962 film adaptation. Although I still haven’t seen the 1981 BBC miniseries, which is actually available on Netflix Instant.

While that promo image is absolutely horrible it’s going to be really interesting to see what they do with the story.