We’re not at ShoWest this year, but a lot of other people are, and all were evidently thrilled to trumpet earlier today that Sony confirmed not only the development of Spider-Man 4 (duh) and a new Ghostbusters movie, but a third Men In Black film. [via ComingSoon]

Many seem to further be assuming that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will reunite, but so far I haven’t seen anything that confirms or even suggests that info. Also a big question: will Barry Sonnenfeld return to direct? He’s got The How-To Guide For Saving The World in the pipe right now, along with some other projects. Why not add another big summer tentpole to the pile?

How about because Sony doesn’t want to pay for it? Based on the economics of the project, expect none of the three principals (Smith, Jones, Sonnenfeld) to return. Smith’s presence would probably make the film a huge earner, but all three would eat up a massive percentage of the gross. Chances are, Sony will do this with new, cheaper talent.