We’ve all imagined how great The Godfather Part II would have been if Vito Corleone were
equipped with the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe. Or a grenade launcher. Or
intense multiplayer action. On April 23rd, prepare to tell your
imagination to go fuck itself, because EA just announced some explosive
downloadable content to their upcoming Godfather II sandbox adaptation.

The content packs will be available on both the Playstation Store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace, and include the following:

- The Pentangeli Map Pack, including a Cuba multiplayer map and a junkyard map, priced at $6.75 or 540 points

- The Level 4 Weapons Bundle,
including the modern dillinger, the .700 Magnum Impact, the
Herzstopper, the MG-S1 Sniper Wolfe, and the Street Sweeper, priced at
$4.00 or 320 points

- Jack of All Trades,
including a downloadable Jimmy Lira. Jimmy Lira starts out with the
arsonist, engineer, medic, and safecracker specialties and comes
equipped with a level 2 machine gun, priced at $4.00 or 320 points

- The Corleone Bundle, including all of the above, for an even $10.00 or 800 points

EA Redwood Shores’ Godfather II arrives for the 360 and PS3 on April 7th.