So apparently I talk in my sleep. This previous weekend, I spent it with my girlfriend at at a town not far from the infamous South Padre Island. We went to South Padre Island for a bit, and tried to find a room but they were either booked or wanted too much. Earlier in the week I had tried to make a reservation at the same place we stayed at before, but the online system wouldn’t let me. Turns out they changed the name since the last time we were there several months ago. I didn’t try any other places, and me being the genius that I am, I thought that we could get a room regardless.

So after we had a really nice lunch, we went to the next town, which happened to be where I spent about a year and a half at their college. It’s a real nice place that is literally right next to the border. You can see Mexico. We booked into a Motel 6 there which was 40 friggin’ dollars cheaper than at the island! The next morning, after we had left to come back home (it’s not much of a drive from home. Only about 40 miles) we stopped to have breakfast at a Denny’s. She told me that I had been talking in my sleep.

I can’t recall exactly what she said to me, but the main thing is that apparently I talk in my sleep. She’s no slouch either. Sometimes (and this happened that night as well) she talks in her sleep, and it makes no sense whatsoever. It just sounds like gibberish. She tells me that in her dreams it makes sense to her. I guess that’s just one of those things that sleep analysts need to decode. Why do some of us talk in our sleep, and words come out, while others talk and it’s just gibberish? I’d really like to see a study done on that.

I always thought I was a sound sleeper. It doesn’t really bother me much though, as I don’t have any secrets worth hiding that may come up while I’m at nap time. That’s the one big thing that I’m grateful for. I’m sure there’s been many a people who have said incriminating things in their sleep.

Better talking in my sleep than sleep walking. Now that can be truly dangerous.

Rene’s song of the day: “A Toute Les Filles” by Didier Barbelivien and Felix Gray.