OK, fuck getting work done these past few days.

After giving up on Lost midway through Season Two I recently decided to give it another stab thanks to the magic of  iTunes and the fact that my wife doesn’t allow a television in the bedroom. As a result, my never sleeping posterior has been camped out gazing lovingly into my bedside docking station/speaker unit catching up on dozens of hours of the show that went from intriguing to a letdown to fucking brilliant beyond my wildest dreams.

Then again, my dreams suck ass.

The second half of the second season does pick up, but season three is one of the best and most consistent [aside from the actress diamond smuggler episode] seasons I can remember. Another thing that blows my mind is how polished and successful the show is at conveying anything it wants. The action is BIG. There’s no props or sets or effects that scream “Television” to me. It feels like a big son of a bitch, which of course it is. Aside from the music, which is often quite bad, it’s an amazingly rich piece of smart and intricate entertainment that somehow rarely paints itself into a corner.

And the cast is amazing. Amazing.

Granted, most of you already know all this but I know a handful of my friends who won’t even give this show a cursory glance.

I was wrong. I was wrong. I was wrong.